Friday, October 30, 2009

SF Filmmaker Jenn Dorn Rocks Videotron

A friend of PianoFight's from WAY back in the day, local kick-ass filmmaker Jenn Dorn has been coming up aces lately with project after project of extremely solid work. Below, check out her video for Sleepy Sun:

And in honor of Halloween, here's some more kick-ass J-Do video ... of Zombies:

Word on the street is that Jenn also managed to land the next Dodos video (which is dope because those cats are hella awesome).

We'll post the Dodos vid as soon as it's done, and in the mean time, check out some mo J-Do!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Things We Made's Jesse Fernandez's Kick Ass Cartoon

Jesse Fernandez of local sketch/stand-up comedy group Things We Made has got a pretty sweet video in Roof Top Comedy's National College Funny Film Competition -- check it out (below) and vote for Jesse here.

ADDING: Things We Made also runs a weekly live show called Thursdays We Made every Thursday night at 10pm at the Dark Room and one big Saturday show each month, the next one happening Saturday, Nov 21 at 10pm at the Dark Room.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Arts Journal Covers Throw Rotten Veggies Nights

A respectable Arts blog covering PianoFight? It's true, and that blog is Arts Journal. Check it out for the story of how Throw Rotten Veggies Nights came to be, and thanks to head critic at SF Weekly Chloe Veltman for picking this up.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Throw Rotten Veggies Nights Video

For anyone who missed it or couldn't get into the sold out shows, here's a video shot and edited by Rand Courtney of PianoFight's inaugural Throw Rotten Veggies at the Actors Nights, part of the world premiere run of SHIT Show Deluxe.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Short Scene on an Agent Audition

[The following is an email I got from good buddy (and pompous D-Bag) Rob Ready, AD at PianoFight, and I thought you bloggotubey folks would enjoy]

CONTEXT: I had been taking a Commercial Audition class which also set students up on auditions with commercial agents. It was a great class, I learned tons about auditioning, specifically that I HATED reading those commercials. I felt awkward whenever I read some quirky monologue about peanut butter or Dorritos, so my buddy Ahmed and I wrote our own commercial and I auditioned with that.

SCENE: Agents Office. AGENT is behind desk. ROB enters.

ROB (extending his hand)
Hi, I'm Rob Ready!

AGENT (not looking up or extending hand)

ROB (pulling his hand back slowly)
It's nice to meet you.

You ready?

I was born Ready.

AGENT (finally looks up, is not amused)
Go ahead.

Are you tired of waiting around all week for Communion? Then, when the time finally comes, having some old guy just stuff it in your mouth? Well not to worry because new, from the makers of Holy Water and communion wine, in conjunction with the producers of America’s most beloved cracker, Cheesits, comes the new communion wafer, Jeesits. Pre-blessed by Pope John Paul Eisengoldbergstein III, these crunchy communion crackers will cleanse both your palate and your soul; Jeesits, delicious as sin, with an after taste of absolution.

I'm Catholic


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Our Pal Ahmed Killing at Stand-Up

Our buddy Ahmed kicking butt on the stage ...

Way to go buddy!

Friday, October 2, 2009

A Brief Note On Calendar Editors

Running publicity for anything means constantly pestering calendar editors, feature writers and event websites to get your show listed, recommended or written about.

I often wonder if Calendar Editors ever feel like the only adult at a kids' birthday party constantly being pestered by every child in attendance to "Look at meeeeee!" "Watch thiiiiisssss!" etc.

So I guess the question for publicists or artists promoting their own work is, if you were a child at that birthday party, how would you get the grown-up's attention?

Possible Answers:

1) Feign Injury -- in the theater world this could be as simple as the tried and tested fund raising drive titled "IF WE DON"T RAISE A BILLION DOLLARS BY TUESDAY WE'RE TOTALLY F-ED IN THE A!! FML!!!!"

2) Fight the Bully -- Bully's suck, and if you're feeling an overwhelming desire to sock said bully in the mouth, turns out, this is a great way to get attention. The rough theater equivalent is: "Gay theater 'secedes' from California"

3) Do Something Totally Awesome -- At a birthday party, blindfoldedly stepping up to the pinata and smacking the shit out of it on the first try would seriuosly wow any dad who moonlights as a Tee-Ball coach. In theater, it would go something like this: "PianoFight's SHIT Show Deluxe in Cross Hairs of Rotten Veggie Hurling Audiences"

The nice thing here is that we should be able to judge this theory rather easily based on the number of listings, write-ups and reviews SHIT Show Deluxe receives. My bet is that we've got some Little League coaches moonlighting as Calendar Editors who will be thoroughly impressed by Actor 1 perfectly fielding a high fly tomato to deep center stage.