Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Night ForePlays - Video Sheez

The June show of PianoFight's Monday Night ForePlays, "SummHER Lovin'," has been racking up the love left and right. Last week, came by to get the lowdown on Monday nights at PianoFight:

Then, on Wednesday of last week, PianoFight's female fueled "SHEketch" comedy took the stage at The Independent as part of WomenROCK. Special thanks to Bernadette and Ziva for putting together one hell of a show. Below is video of "Clitoris: The Musical," by MNF's Nicole Hammersla, as performed at The Independent:

You can see "Clitoris: The Musical" live on stage as part of "SummHER Lovin'" tonight and Next Monday at PianoFight, and watch out for the all new July show of Monday Night ForePlays, "HottHER Than July" running every Monday of next month.

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