Thursday, November 13, 2008

AIG Rapes Taxpayers Again, Gov. Feigns Anger

For a long time, I have believed that abhorrent fuck ups of government were simple due to bureaucrats gross incompetence. How naive. I realize now that it has absolutely NOTHING to do with incompetence (I mean honestly, even Bush isn't a flagrant moron, rather he's flagrantly wrong), and it has EVERYTHING to do with fucking the taxpayer in the ass.

Go ahead and have a watch of this video:

That's right, nary a month after the government steps in to bail out these thankless assholes, and less than a few weeks after these ungrateful dicks got busted blowing taxpayer cash on a spa retreat to SoCal, AIG is trying ever so quietly to keep from being busted AGAIN for blowing hundreds of thousands of dollars at another posh hotel pampering its failing salesman.

Here's AIG's lying sleazeball fuck of a CEO Edward Liddy:

That's right, Liddy's trying to spin the fact that there were no signs listing AIG at the events because his company is "tightening [their] belts".

Um, bullshit. And, fuck you.

Now you may be wondering how on earth AIG can pull audacious shit like this and get away with it. Didn't the government impose restrictions on this type of rampant pissing away of money? Didn't the government assign some person or regulatory body to oversee how these craptastic douchecocks are spending our money?

The answers: nope and nope.

And here's the icing: you know how I know the government didn't assign anyone to regulate these lying fucks? Because the government just fucking admitted it.

From AFP:

"The independent oversight posts set up by Congress to prevent corruption and government waste remain vacant, and the deadline has passed for the first monitoring report required by the legislators."

This is not gross incompetence. This is thievery. This is criminal. And what's worse, is that it's being perpetrated by some of the most powerful men on the planet.

God help us.

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