Thursday, December 4, 2008

Smart Girls Have More Fun

A blog I frequent turned me onto this awesome new show created by SNL's Amy Poehler. "Smart Girls at the Party" is a digital TV series powered by ON Networks, which basically celebrates young, smart and passionate girls just being themselves. The show itself is great. Lighthearted, straightforward with a significant message. But the fact that it is a web series made me think... Would this ever work on TV? We probably wouldn't get the opportunity to produce such a show that lacks the frills or stereotypical messages of mainstream culture, if it weren't for the internet. Basically anyone can produce their own stuff and put it online and call it a show- hell, even us. You can create and share your own work cheaply and quickly. Only problem is, with the gazillions on the internet and the fact that pretty much anyone can post their own stuff- how do you get people to notice YOURS? Does Amy Poehler's show mean anything online? Or, because she's of SNL fame, people will watch? Are the successes of Internet shows more genuine because they pretty much spread word-of-mouth, and therefore are more valuable? Maybe so. I mean, I just made anyone who is reading this blog watch the show. And the blog before me who posted it made me watch it and I'm thankful for that. enjoy.

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