Friday, December 5, 2008

Teddy Bears, Crazy Laws, Push Ups, TV, and Drunk MPs

It's Friday, which means that it's time for a recap of the weirdest shit that happened this week - let's go!

1) To get kids interested in science, a British university asked four grade schools to design space suits for teddy bears then blasted those bears into space to see which one worked best.

If you really want to get kids excited about science, lie to them. And/or tell them science wrote Harry Potter.

2) British member of parliament Chris Huhne accused the Liberal government of passing ridiculous laws since 1997 including laws against "disturbing a pack of eggs," "causing a nuclear explosion," "selling game killed on a Sunday," and "impersonating a member of parliament."

Huhne was then promptly arrested for impersonating a responsible member of government.

3) Washington DC passed a law allowing bars and restaurants to stay open 24-hours and serve alcohol until 5:00am during Barack Obama's presidential inauguration.

Finally, change I can believe in.

4) A British teacher was suspended from his job after it was revealed that he had been forcing students to do push ups as punishment for being late.

The teacher thought this was a great punishment, until one of those students became strong enough to whip his monkey ass for being punished.

5) A German study found that people who are abnormally into watching shows like "House" and "ER" are also more likely to be afraid of hospitals.

The German study also showed that people who watch abnormally long hours of shows like "House" and "ER" have abnormally shitty lives. The German study also revealed that German researchers have crappy jobs.

(except for this guy, he clearly has an awesome job)

6) A call went out in New South Wales, Australia to have members of parliament breath-tested for alcohol before being allowed to vote. The idea came up after one MP resigned for shoving a female MP, and another MP danced on his desk in his underwear.

This all leads to a more fundamentally pressing issue ... Australians are fucking nuts.

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