Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Arlen Hart's "New Peace" Drops Today!

PF Music Director Arlen Hart, who is cold-heartedly moving to that awful place New York City in the coming months, drops his bad ass new album "New Peace" today on the iTunes.

Arlen is one of the finest musicians I have ever come across - he wrote and performed original scores to FORKING! and A Merry FORKING! Christmas (which ultimately turned into A FORKING! Album, on sale at all PianoFight shows) - and he just so happens to be one cool motha trucka.

So even though he's being a dingleberry and moving to NY - where no good things happen ever, except when the local paper covers PianoFight - we wanted to say congrats to Arlen on his danktown new album and wish him luck on his totally ill-considered move East.

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