Friday, April 9, 2010

Playwright's Career Takes Off After ShortLived

The other day I sent a note to Allison Davis, a playwright whose piece "The Boyfriend Store," made it all the way to the finals in last year's ShortLived. She impressed the hell out of us, both with her writing and with her awesome human-ness, so we produced another one of her pieces in the world premiere of Monday Night ForePlays.

Anyway, I sent her a note to see if she'd submit again to ShortLived, and this was her response:
I have to tell you-ShortLived kicked off so many things for me. The Boyfriend Store going as far as it did gave me the confidence to keep writing...and I wrote a pilot that got me representation in LA...and a producer attached to the pilot...and now I'm writing a feature...and i swear to God it was all becuase of you guys, and the inspiration! I don't think I ever told you that. So thank you :-)
Outside of finding out she's so busy with all these new projects she doesn't have time to write a new piece for ShortLived 3.0, this was so cool to hear, and for me, really gets at the heart of PianoFight.

We may not pay much (or, well, anything in some cases), but we do provide access - you got a play? Submit it. Who knows, it might just kick serious ass and lead to hella awesome sheez down the line.

So congrats to Allison, couldn't happen to a nicer, more talented lady.

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MaxEPunk said...

Dear Carl, Rob and the rest of the Piano Fight crew,

I'm a young theatre artist and adminstrator who's fairly new to the bay area and have been following your blog for some time, and think you guys have some really great stuff going.

I just wanted to connect you with a group who keeps in touch and discusses many things theatre production, audience development, marketing etc. etc. etc. via online interaction, as I think you would have much to contribute to the conversation.

the link is:

This discussion:

made me think of many of you guys, and I would love to hear what you have to say as an advocate of the for-profit model.

I hope to see you there.


Bora "Max" Koknar
Artistic Director