Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ikea Pummels Molson (musically)

Canada, your time is up. No longer are you the premiere indie music factory that was churning out pitchfork darlings like Broken Social Scene, Arcade Fire and Wolf Parade.

You had your time in the spotlight, now it’s time to go back to your beer drinking, hockey playing and "eh" saying and make room for Sweden. Yes Sweden, those crazy Scandinavians are finally getting the recognition they deserve — and it has been a long time coming … ABBA anyone? Not to mention it's about damn time they start making up for Ikea.

Admittedly I’m a little late to recognize this trend of music, The SF Guardian has already dubbed the Swedish indie sound “impossibly lovely”, and while there are certainly light airy, candy melodies that accompany this brand of music, they are not entirely one dimensional.

The Knife’s most recent album (2006) was much darker than its predecessors with ghostly synths and creepy modulated female vocals. So how much longer will we be treated to talents like Peter Bjorn and John, Jose Gonzales (who I’m going to see at Yoshi’s in Sept), The Knife, Sally Shapiro and Lykke Li?

Or is some other country, like Turkey, already busy cultivating the next sound, the next artist that will assault our ears and the year-end top ten lists, the next melody that our brains will not allow us to forget. Who will be the next country to step in to the spotlight and push Sweden (the Canada of old) to the side? (OK, I seriously doubt it's actually going to be Turkey - I mean seriously, Turkey?)

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J-Voges said...

I found this post to be both informative and well written. And more importantly it didn't make me feel stupid like Pitchfork. Well, may be a little stupid, but definitely not as much. You should start a blog.