Tuesday, August 26, 2008

CNN's Leslie Sanchez Vomits All Over Cocktail Dress

Last night the Democratic National Convention kicked off in a dazzling spectacle of blah blah blah ... beyond speeches from Ted Kennedy and Michelle Obama, the whole thing was pretty ridiculous (see: woman with hat):

The two speeches, by Ole Teddy and Mrs. Obama, were great. Kennedy just being there was great. And Mrs. Obama gave a classy, passionate and personal account of her truly American story. At least, that's what MOST people thought.

However the dickheads at CNN are still around for a reason - presumably to provide me content for this blog - and one in particular, Leslie Sanchez, manages to elevate douchebaggery to whole new level.

One of the brilliant features CNN has for "analysis" is a Report Card, where the best political team on television gets together and weighs in on the most pressing issues of the day in 40 words or less and a letter grade. Here's Leslie Sanchez:

"Grade: B -- Is it the dress or what's in it? Michelle Obama covered the key milestones but the image of her in a cocktail dress left us wondering."

Before I go about smashing my keyboard through my monitor, I will first show you a pic of Mrs. Obama from last night, just in case you missed it:

While I'd love to assume Ms. Sanchez's "analysis" is simply the result of the fact that all women are catty bitches who secretly hate each other, this is not actually true - case in point, other CNN women grading the speech gave it great marks.

I am therefor left to assume that Leslie Sanchez is simply a fucking shallow useless dipshit. Last night Michelle Obama told a heartfelt story of a working class upbringing, where parents put everything they had into their kids, and those kids recognized this and went about doing their damnedest to succeed in school and their subsequent professional lives. This is the American Dream, the American Story, and the American Opportunity.

And when given an opportunity to discuss the profound opportunities that are only available in this great country, Leslie fucking Sanchez chose to crap on Mrs. Obama's fashion choice.

So in honor of Ms. Sanchez's high minded remarks, I'm going to give my own report card on her performance: F, for fucking utter lack of insight or intelligence into anything other than being a hollow shell of a human being.

PS - Michelle Obama looked fucking great. She is a fox. Unlike Leslie Sanchez, who is a shriveled old brain dead hag:


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more... however, her opinions don't necessarily reflect those of CNN. Actually if you watch any of her discussions it seems like no one really agrees with her or even cares much about what she has to say. Other than the fact that CNN gives this fool a chance to speak i don't think they are paying her much mind, which is good because her pure stupidity and ignorance really kills me inside.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand this woman, and I'm glad others can't stand her either.
I'm shocked that CNN can't find a more intelligent conservative woman to comment on their programs (maybe none exist?).
She was a "strategist" for Bush, so I guess I can't be surprised.

Carl Benson said...

"Other than the fact that CNN gives this fool a chance to speak i don't think they are paying her much mind"

The fact that CNN continues to PAY her is astounding.

Carl Benson said...

"maybe none exist?"

there's gotta be ONE ...

Anonymous said...

Fuck this cunt i would punch her in the fucking liver if i ever saw her. Im latino and she makes us look bad. Fuck that hoe, shes a biotch.

Leigh said...

I Googled "Leslie Sanchez is a bitch"
and came upon your glorious blog.

Bravo, my friend, bravo!

Ashwin Swamy said...

hahahahaa, i also googled leslie sanchez is a bitch and came upon this blog. You pretty much said it all, but I'll add a bit more. Her grade for Obamas speech was a C, and her comments were:

You can give Obama an "A" for his great oratory and political victories. But once you remove the gloss, tonight's speech was the same tired Democratic rhetoric of the past 30 years.

What a fucking cunt. Btw, every other grader gave Obama a big fat A for awesomeness. She is a piece of shit and people like her make me honest to god sick. As you said, How can someone criticize Michelle Obama (who looked very reminiscent of Jackie kennedy in her outfit) and what BEARING does her fucking outfit have on anything. Her entire analysis was on the woman's damn outfit? Is this a joke?

Anonymous said...

Leslie Idiot Sanchez has now become a liability for republicans for all the stupidity she spits out on CNN. When she was asked on CNN what she thought about Obama's speech, she mocked him and went on to say that the American people would not buy the lofty words of a celebrity whose experience is as thin as a tissue paper. Today when asked about the republican's choice for VP, Sarah Palin, whose experience on the national scene is literally zero - she graded the decision A when everyone else graded it B, C, D and even F. She reminds me of this nagging bitch in college who used to argue with everyone. Like her, idiot Sanchez also had confident body language and quick comebacks but absolutely zero substance in what she speaks. Sometimes I'm in awe at how confident she is about the crap she is spitting out. Pity is the only word I have for her!

Carl Benson said...

"I Googled 'Leslie Sanchez is a bitch' and came upon your glorious blog."

You are glorious for pointing out that awesome factoid. Thank you.

Carl Benson said...

"what BEARING does her fucking outfit have on anything. Her entire analysis was on the woman's damn outfit? Is this a joke?"

Unfortunately, this is not a joke. It is a sad, sad reality. It is INFURIATING to know that people like Leslie Sanchez are paid to punditize such fucking drivel.

Carl Benson said...

"Pity is the only word I have for her!"

And how fitting a word it is.

Carl Benson said...

"Fuck this cunt i would punch her in the fucking liver if i ever saw her. Im latino and she makes us look bad. Fuck that hoe, shes a biotch."

I was drinking a beer when I read this and actually spit it out while laughing. Thank you, Sir, thank you.

Drew said...

i googled "i hate leslie sanchez" and i found your page

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