Thursday, September 11, 2008


Gawwd! I hate my stupid ipod. All it does is play music (borrring) it plays videos too but it takes FOREVER to load them on. Why can't I just have a new ipod touch or nano? Then I would be able to watch all the new youtube vids and I could turn my ipod SIDEWAYS! Plus I could get a song when ever I needed it because itunes is like built in to them.

Also the new nano comes in my favorite color CHROMATIC, which is SO more who I am than my stupid boring black ipod.

And how am I supposed to know what to listen to? The new ipods have a genius in them that tells you the songs that best go with the one you are currently listening to– my music will so suck with out THAT! I want my own genius to tell me what to listen to!

When I shake my ipod all it does is keep playing the same stupid song I was listening to in the first place, but when you shake the nano it AUTOMATICALLY shuffles to the next song! I have to look and find the stupid next button AND press it, and even then I better hope it's on shuffle or I'll have to go ALL the way back to the settings and set it to shuffle.

If I were to get the new ipod touch and the new nano my life would be SO much more easier. Then I could truly listen to my music the way I was meant to and the way Apple intended in the first place. Not the stupid way my dumb ipod forces me to listen. Gawwd! How does Apple so know what I need?


J-Cat said...

Sounds like you need a discman and a fanny pack.

Ooof! said...

Too fancy. How about a walkman and an elastic waistband.

GenEric said...

Just get an iPhone and be done with it already.