Tuesday, September 30, 2008

MSNBC Obliterates CNN's Magic Board: John King Sad

Chris "I've got thrills running up my leg" Matthews was anchoring the post debate coverage on MSNBC from Ole Miss. He had some solid moments, like asking one guest, "Do you think he [McCain] was too troll-like tonight? Like too much of a troll? ... Like a codger?"

Matthews went on to ask if Obama hovers too much, and whether he's had a bad week in his life. Oh Chris, is there no end to your totally meaningless yet utterly entertaining punditry? No? Just checking.

However the best part of the entire Hardball broadcast was their "Virtual View" of polling stats.

CNN's got John King and his magical board of omnipotence, and MSNBC has ...

Some old ass empty room no doubt abandoned by the Greeks thousands of years ago? Wait a tic, that can't be right ...

Of course! An old ass empty room with a hot chick in red! Brilliant! Wait, what? I'm sorry? There's more?

Fuck yeah pedestals! Huh? Still more?

What the fuck is that? The polling numbers are surrounding red hottie! Fuck CNN's John King with his magic board - MSNBC has hot chick analyst with poll numbers that hug her! And to think I initially guessed this was just some old abandoned room at one of McCain's houses! Silly me, when will I learn that ...

MSNBC is the place, for politics ... and giant empty seemingly out of date rooms which are actually full of hot women and crazy virtual numbers.

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