Thursday, October 16, 2008

All You Need to Know About McCain's Health Care Plan

I was shocked both when I heard McCain say this, and when Obama neglected to fucking pounce on it:

McCain: "The average cost of a health care insurance plan in America today is $5,800."

Obama just said the average plan was $12,000, liberal numbers I guess ...

McCain: "I'm going to give them $5,000 to take with them wherever they want to go, and this will give them affordability."

Beyond the fact that average cost of a health care plan is probably somewhere between the two candidates' numbers, let's just say for moment, that McCain's estimate of $5,800 is correct.

He's only going to give you $5,000. That's it. "What's the average cost? Perfect, let's give them less."

Unbelievable. And before I forget, he's also going to tax your employer $12,000 to insure you.

Elect McCain: He'll Make You Sick.

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Anonymous said...

What Obama really needed to do (to contribute further to the slaughter) was say, which is true, that the average family pays about $12,000 PER YEAR on health insurance. Thus McCain's one-time bestowal of $5,000 looks even more worthless by comparison.