Friday, October 10, 2008

Pronouncing Words Correctly Is Elitist and Snotty

The National Review Online had two great little blurbs the other day discussing Obama's pronunciation of Pakistan. Here's the first:

The Hunched Pak of Notre Stan [Mark Steyn]

Re Senator Obama's ostentatiously exotic pronunciation of Pakistan, one thing I like about Sarah Palin is the way she says "Eye-raq".

Also the way she says Eye-talian. That's awesome. This is why Goerge W. is the MAN - he can't pronounce a fucking thing.

Here's the second blurb, an email to the NRO from a reader:

Running for President of Europe? [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

To: Kathryn Lopez
Subject: Liberal elite moment

When Obama says Pock-i-stahn I have an uncontrollable urge to read the New Yorker and find some Chardonnay.

Fortunately I have an old copy of NR and a Coors Light to snap me back to reality.

Seriously though — no one in flyover country says Pock-i-stahn. It's annoying.

Read the New Yorker AND drink Chardonnay?! Lemme guess, you also have a compelling desire to move to California, buy a Prius, and get gay married. Thankfully you had shitty and beer and worse reading material to prevent those effete liberal urges.

And you're right, correctly pronouncing the name of an American ally is not only silly, it's offensive to that country.

In closing, Fuck. Knowing. Stuff.

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