Friday, October 17, 2008

Canada Names Yzerman Director of 2010 Team in Vancouver

Steve Yzerman was picked to become executive director of Canada's 2010 Olympic hockey team today, and they could not have picked a better guy. Stevie Y took the Red Wings to three titles and hopefully he can bring his homeland another gold medal in his country's most honored tradition. And in case I forgot to mention, the Games are in Vancouver.

So, in honor of this excellent pick, here's the gold medal game from Salt Lake City in 2002, Canada vs. USA:

Watch For:
- Lemieux sidestepping a pass which ends up in the net
- Sakic being awesome
- Canadians at the bar literally hiding their eyes and biting nails during the game
- Gretzky totally freaking out after the 4th and 5th goals
- A spontaneous rendition of "O Canada" as the clock runs out

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