Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Greatest Reality Show On Planet: America Gets A Bullshit Meter

Tonight, at the second presidential debate in the 2008 election for the White House, Senator Barack Obama cemented his path to being on money.

Over the last decade or so, the American public has been inundated with reality television. And not that Blind Date, Love Connectinos Chuck Woolery shit, real in your face people go totally fucking bonkers right in front of national audience type shit like Survivor, Big Brother, The Real World, Road Rules, Flava of Love, Raise My Newborn etc.

After eight years of reality television, the American Public has developed an impeccable Bullshit Meter.

There are numerous historic aspects of this campaign; the first black man nominated by a major party for the presidency of the United States; the first time neither a president nor vice president has not run in an election; and most importantly, the existence of technology and infrastructure to document a presidential race with the utter intensity of the greatest reality television show on the planet.

Example: CNN's real time Perception Analyzer, also known as a Bullshit Meter.

After over a year and a half of stump speeches, interviews, rallies, drop outs, headlines, score cards, blogs, debates, votes, hoop jumping, editorials, commentary, analysis, and mother fucking YouTube, the American citizenry is calling bullshit every second of the way.

Media: Jump through this hoop!
Clinton: You got it!
Huckabee: No problem!
Obama: Done.
Fred Thompson: I don't do stunts.

Bullshit! Get out of the fuckin race.

At tonight's debate, the American Public did not buy what John McCain is selling. They voted him off the island.

This election is over. And thank God, it's a fucking landslide for Barack Obama.

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