Wednesday, October 22, 2008

FOX News Defends Palin's $150K Wardrobe

Here's a quick clip of FOX News defending the fact that since being picked to be John McCain's running mate, the Republican National Committee has purchased $150,000 worth of clothing for Sarah Palin.

Bimbo: "Here's my challenge: when we stop treating women as sexist figures, ok? That we all talk about what we have on, and what their shoes look like, and how their hair looks, but we don't say that about any male candidate, when we stop doing that, then we can stop talking about how much money they spent on her clothes."

Maybe Blondie doesn't know this, or can't wrap her fat dyed head around it, but the fact is, the reason people aren't talking about McCain's wardrobe cost, or Obama's, or Biden's, is because THEY PAID FOR IT THEMSELVES.

Classic turning the issue around here. It has nothing to do with her fashion, or how she looks, or that she's a woman, or her hair or shoes or dresses. People care because American's putting "Country First" donated to their party only to have their party turn around and BLOW THOSE DONATIONS ON PANT SUITS.

Barbie: "We don't hear that about the guys folks. So let me find out how much did Barack Obama spend on his custom suits?"

Well Paris, please let me explain. The reason you don't know how much Obama has spent on his clothing is because HE PAID FOR IT HIMSELF.

Here's a little non-FOX recap of the Palin spending spree:

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