Monday, October 6, 2008

Palin: Screw Your Stupid Questions

After digesting the VP debates over the weekend, two of Sarah Palin's answers are still troubling me:

"I may not answer the questions the way that either the moderator or you want to hear, but I'm going to talk straight to the American people and let 'em know my track record."

Or in other words, "Screw your question Ifill, I am going to spend my time winking at Joe Six-pack."

She then proceeded to do exactly that. My read was that she essentially had canned responses for a number of issues or allegations, and if those rehearsed lines didn't quite fit the question, she just said fuck it and thundered on. Here's the other one that bugged me:

"I like being able to answer these tough questions without the filter even of the mainstream media, kinda tellin viewers what they've just heard. I'd rather be able to just speak to the American people like we just did. And it's so important that the American people know of the choices that they have on November 4th."

Clearly, it is an important choice, which is why she decided not to answer questions.

Logic is awesome.


Josh said...

your read is, of course, correct. she never had any intention of answering the questions.

someone told me about this documentary from 1995, which shows that this is an age-old technique. scroll to about 33 minutes in, to see how this all tends to go down:

so maybe this is just the way these things go down?

On another note, Dave Letterman made a genius point the other night. I'm disappointed that I didn't put two and two together. Her folksy introduction ("Mind if I call ya Joe?") was, in addition to being fucking annoying, just a setup for her 100% canned "zinger" later on - "Say it ain't so, Joe."

How fucking depressing is that?

Carl Benson said...

wow. surprised i didn't see that set up either. guess that's why I'm an unpaid blogger, and Letterman is a gabillionaire on television.