Monday, October 6, 2008

LA Times Pairs Palin and Lohan

Just found this odd, though I guess nothing should surprise during this election. Skimming an article on Steve Schmidt. McCain's campaign manager, Rove prodigy, and all around Republican campaign dude, in the split in the article to advertise LA Times blogs and slide shows sat this nugget:

Picture from right to left: a young John McCain, a young Joe Biden, a now-aged Obama, and a now aged Sarah Palin photo split with, yes, Lindsay Lohan. Exactly what Lindsay Lohan had to do with Sarah Palin I have no idea, beyond maybe that men fantasize about both. And/or Sarah Palin is a secret lesbian dating a prominent DJ. Which would be hot.

And while I'm at it, here's a fun new game I invented - which woman would you most like to see hooking up with Sarah Palin? (Note: if this thought causes you to vomit in your mouth, immediately stop playing the game)

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