Thursday, October 30, 2008

CNN's Rick Sanchez is a Ball Busting Ass Kicker

In you missed it, I am not usually a fan of pundits/anchors/commentators at CNN named Sanchez. However, over the last few months, one specific Sanchez at CNN, Rick Sanchez, has stood out in terms of calling any and all fuckers for what they really are - lying douchecocks.

Here's the first example:

Goldfarb: "You know who it it."
Sanchez: "I have no idea. Who?"
Goldfarb: "You know."
Sanchez: "I really don't."
Goldfarb: "I think you do."
Sanchez: "I have no fucking clue who you're talking about and neither does anyone who's watching this program so if you would, please tell us who on God's green earth you're fucking referring to!"
Goldfarb: "... You know."

Fuck yeah Rick! Go get 'em buddy! Although I have taken giant dumps on CNN in the past (and will likely continue to do so), the Best Political Team on Television is just starting to catch a glimpse of what that title means.

It means calling people out when they are lying. When candidate X says "Dogs lick their own ass," and Candidate Y says "Dogs NEVER lick their own ass," it is not enough for the pundit to say "Well that's the argument, differing viewpoints here, but boy what a discussion!" The pundit needs to call out Candidate Y and say "No you fucking douchey little turd burgler, dogs are CONSTANTLY licking their own asses. I own two dogs, my parents have a dog, my best friend is veterinarian and I can tell you beyond a shadow of a freakin doubt that dogs FUCKING LOVE the taste of their own asses."

So, in closing, thank you Mr. Sanchez, for not totally sucking dog ass.

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