Friday, October 31, 2008

PianoFight Presents: The Package

PianoFight's stated goal upon creation of the company was simple: New Work, by New Artists. Period.

After just over a year of new plays, a webisode series, a website, a blog, and a short film, PianoFight is proud to announce that we are now in the business of producing music.

Our first foray into the field is with The Package's first track off what will hopefully become a full length album "Durability" - a hip hop, funk, soul, R&B and melodic masterpiece of awesome.

The Package will be playing this Saturday night, Nov. 1, at PianoFight's theater in San Francisco, in Hyper Raje Racords' Halloween Party, alongside such awesome bands as Kenyo, Unisis, and High Like Five. Check out for more details.

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John Brian said...

Cool video, but any chance you could set it to not auto-play on load, or at least give us an accessible "pause" button? It's a little frustrating to have to turn off whatever's on the headphones to avoid weirdo-mashup badness when I'm reading your newer posts.