Thursday, October 9, 2008

CBS Dean Reynolds is a Wimp

So two days ago CBS' Dean "Wuss Bucket" Reynolds sat down at his laptop and posted a piece for the CBS news blog "From the Road". However this piece was not an in depth policy dissection, or even any new reporting on what candidates were saying, doing, lying about etc.

This piece was a giant sob fest detailing how he and the press corps weren't being treated to 5 star standards by the Obama campaign. Here are some quotes:

"Baggage calls are preposterously early"

"I ... idled for two hours in a Miami hotel parking lot"

He's also TOTALLY PISSED that the campaign is on the road during the time when the CBS evening News airs therefor cutting his own time on screen as the broadcast puts an emphasis on live reporting.

He also has no idea why the Obama camp can't print a schedule.

And here's the best gem:

"The McCain campaign plane is better than Obama's, which is cramped, uncomfortable and smells terrible most of the time."

Are you fucking serious Dean "Wimpyshits" Reynolds? Yeah it must TOTALLY SUCK to be jet setting across the continent with the next leader of the free world with all expenses paid not to mention being paid to write while you do it.

Beyond that, and this is the INFURIATING aspect, Dean "I Just Forfeited My Right to be Called Journalist" Reynolds, who some bigwig moron at CBS has decided is worthy of such a job, devotes his space on a website with a MASSIVE readership to bitch and moan that the Obama camp is not catering to him hand and foot.

I wonder if Dean "My Mother Still Does My Laundry" Reynolds has ANY IDEA that there are folks out there LOSING THEIR JOBS, and shitty jobs at that. I wonder if Dean "The Housemaid Wipes My Ass" Reynolds is aware of the fact that people's homes are being foreclosed and they now have to live in the streets.

So tell me this Dean "Will Somebody Please Cut My Sirloin Steak Into Little Edible Pieces" Reynolds, which smells worse, the Obama plane or the dirty cardboard box in the middle of an alley MILLIONS OF AMERICANS live in?

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